Carlson Craft Brewery has closed.  We are another victim of the bad economy.  The holiday season was bad for us.  In fact, it was our worst month ever, even worse than our first month.  So much for the holiday bump.  The cost of doing business has only been going up and the break even point kept going up.  We were also having a problem with our location and decided not to sign a new lease, plus there were a couple of personal reasons.  So it all came together like the perfect storm and we decided to close at the end of December.

I want to thank everyone who supported us by buying our beer and the stores and restaurants who carried our beer.  I enjoyed meeting with with all of you at various events and at the brewery.  There is still beer out there if you want to get some before it is all gone.  It may even become a collector’s item.

Thanks again everyone, and let me know of anybody who needs a brewer in southern Connecticut.

I can still be contacted at if you would like to send me a message.